What We Do

We are a luxury travel tour company of caring , knowledgeable, and passionate travel professionals . We love creating truly special luxury travel experiences, entertainment travel experiences and tours including honeymoons, romantic holidays , family vacations , group vacations and solo adventures.All over the world.

Why We Do It Better

We love being of service to you . Talk to us about a trip u are dreaming to take, and together we will make it a reality. We believe that the world is avast , infinetly beautiful and awe inspiring place and seeing it is one of life s greatest privileges and pleasure. Hence we do all in our powers to make it worthy for you to take that trip.

How We Succeed

We are visionaries with great organizational skills and people skills. We take time to understand what the client wants from their trip, and then lay down the foundation for an unforgettable experience. We find our clients the best value for their money, and we do so with much enthusiasm.


There is no schedule for these packages, you may book them at anytime. These getaways can be taken at anytime of the week not only on weekends. You may add more days to the package.

The anytime getaways include Hotel/Lodge accommodation with breakfast, entrance fees to places of interest/attractions,


Take advantage of our low accommodation and travel package rates. To make the greatest savings on travel packages is to secure your booking as soon as you can. That way you may secure accommodation during peak times at low season rates before hotel rates increase.


The group tour packages are scheduled for particular dates, they include Transport from Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria to destination, Hotel/Lodge accommodation with breakfast, daily sightseeing tours, entrance fees to attractions and places of interest.

Travellers coming from other provinces can connect with the tours in Johannesburg, or they may fly or travel by Intercity bus service to the destination where we will connect with them either at the hotel, airport or bus station.

On these packages you get to enjoy travel, see new places and also get an opportunity to meet new amazing people.


Locomotion Travels is a travel company that delivers travel packages to individual, group travel, corporate and leisure to customers. Locomotion Travels intends to guide customers in selecting a trip(s) based on pre-defined vacation criteria. This analysis is based on user profiles, set by the costumers, which include preferences such as: Budget, Activities sought, Destination, and Time of Travel


Personalised Assistance

Need help with your booking? Contact our expert Locomotion Travels agents for guidance and booking assistance